Case Study
“ThoughtShift’s experience and knowledge in digital media has been both invaluable and an education, and the way they deliver has always been a pleasure to work with. The highlights of the campaign so far have been getting a massive 79% increase to organic fundraising event sign-ups and increasing paid media ecommerce revenue by 39% year on year.” - Rich Williams
– Head of Creative & Digital at Bloodwise
Digital marketing is essential to establish your company in the online space. Therefore in addition to all the features and benefits that digital marketing offers, one especially stands out:
The possibility to increase your turnover through digital marketing. There are cases of companies that doubled, tripled, or even quadrupled their monthly or annual revenues.
Well-researched, elaborated and well-executed digital marketing strategies are responsible for the increased revenues and profits of renowned companies in the online sphere where relevant campaigns are capable of delivering excellent results.
DesignSpace a creative agency is one of the leading digital marketing strategies paragons on the market. A recent case where DesignSpace helped a company increase its revenues was with Homely.
With over 20 years in the market, Homely, an online home and workspace appliance stores is present in the main cities of the country, with more than 30 stores distributed among them.
The store integrates design, quality and functionality to market A+ kitchen, table and bar utensils.
The main objective of the store was to improve the quality of visits and increase the results obtained in the previous year by 50%, without having to expand the amount invested so far.
After aligning all the information and developing a perfect brief such as: definition of positioning, products and market niche, DesignSpace took action and started to execute all the actions strategically designed to achieve the goal.
It was from the fourth month that the campaign started to generate expressive results, and at the end of the year in activity, Homely already had a result 9 times greater than the previous year's turnover, not counting the conversion rate that was doubled.
In addition to sponsored links, SEO generated a 135% increase in organic transactions and 165% revenue growth from media.
DesignSpace showed its paragon position as a Digital marketing agency with the impressive results for Homely.

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